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We’re delighted to announce that the new, redesigned, international website for overseas money transfer specialists, Currencies Direct is now live across desktop, tablet and smart phone in eight countries. Both Blueleaf and Currencies Direct are elated with the look of the site and the highly effective user experience. The website is the latest in a growing list of financial services clients for Blueleaf. We've supplied our specialist experience in digital strategy, ecommerce design and user experience within this marketplace to produce an easy-to-use website that houses numerous complex back-end systems and is tailored for a host of customer personas.

Putting the Customer First  

Blueleaf conducted workshops to determine how different customers navigate the website. This immediately highlighted the need for clear triggers for personal and business customers directing each to relevant pages with a different look and feel.

More subtle insights led Blueleaf to develop bespoke customer experience features, for example the website allows expats to access an English language website that links to their local bank account and shows transactions in their local currency. The experience of the user is no different to logging on in the UK.

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Blueleaf have worked tirelessly to achieve this and the result is a unique, user-friendly experience for all visitors to the site, regardless of their geographical location.

The website design is also unique for a financial services website, with soft moving imagery and rounded fonts to give a more relaxed, less imposing feel. There are subtle design features, such as a disappearing navigation bar and moving close buttons on pop up banners, introduced to give the site a clear and uncluttered look.

New Technology

Major consideration was also given to the behind-the-scenes functionality of the website so the front-end could be as user-friendly as possible. The newly developed systems integrate seamlessly with existing and third party systems such as sales force.

Integrated CRM systems and live date fields allow Currencies Direct to offer personal services such as “rate watch”. This service allows customers to enter a desired rate and receive a direct notification when the rate becomes available.

Blueleaf also developed a complex tracking system to determine how customers have arrived on the site. The system uses cross-domain cookies to attribute repeat visits to the original source, giving Currencies Direct a true picture of customer attraction and behaviour.

Next Steps

The team are now working on the next phase which is to make the etailer offering more prominent and to integrate it fully into the rest of the website.This is a growing revenue stream for the business and it will be a focus for growth going forward.