We’re lucky enough to have worked with Red Bull for a number of years across a number of their high-energy sports websites. This April we launched a new look X-Fighters website. The redesign includes a responsive desktop website and bespoke mobile site. We’re thrilled with the results and more importantly, so are X-Fighters fans.

We put the user at the heart of the redesign. At every point throughout the project we considered what is likely to be on their mind and what information they’re likely to want. The result is a flexible website, delivering different content at different points in the X-Fighters calendar. Put simply, we created something simple to use, that guides the user through the Red Bull X-Fighters experience.


In periods between events, the website is a hub of pre-event hype, interviews, images, videos and clear promotion for the next live event.

On event day, the website is completely transformed into an up-to-the-minute reporting tool. The website has been designed and built so that we can hand control over to the Red Bull content managers and the website functionality allows them to capture every run, result and of course, all the live action. We provide support during the event to make sure it all runs smoothly.

We’ve used social media tools including ScribbleLive and Wayin which allow Red Bull reporters to take control of the live blog and Instagram feeds. Users can watch a live video stream of the event, while checking the live Instagram feed and Red Bull liveblog. Or if this is too much, they can choose to focus on any one of these streams. They have complete control and simple icons on the site make it easy to pick up or drop any of these functions as they’re enjoying the content.

Another key aspect of the website is simplicity. There is a lot of information on the website so we focused on creating a clear user journey, allowing them to see what content is available to them and tailor it accordingly. Each section follows a simple format with a title and a button to click through for more information. 

We’re thrilled with the results but don’t take our word for it take a look for yourself