We're thrilled to introduce another new recruit, Kate Shepherd has joined the Blueleaf team. If you've not spoken to Kate yet, you will soon as Kate will be manning the phones, as well as a host of other duties here at HQ. Kate's only been with us for a couple of days but we wanted to get you introduced asap so you know a little bit more about the friendly voice you'll be hearing on the other end of the line next time you call us up. Here's our Q&A with Kate...

What attracted you to Blueleaf and how did you hear about us?

My husband came back from an event that Adrian was speaking at and told me all about this award winning digital agency Blueleaf - the culture and environment he described sounded fantastic and a good fit for me. I had a look at the website and watched the YouTube clip of Adrian presenting at the Britain’s Got Mojo event. I sent in a speculative e-mail and CV to Adrian and he said he would be happy to meet me and have a chat about what I was looking for. Oh and one other rather handy thing, Blueleaf is based just outside my home village of Tattenhall so I will be cutting down on my co2 emissions and commuting just over a mile to work!

What were your first impressions of the team?

Everybody has been so friendly and welcoming from my initial chats with Adrian (Managing Director), Rob (Strategy Director) and Kay (Office Manager) to my ‘experience day’ meeting some of the team- although I could see the team members I met were busy they all happily made time for me.   Everyone seems really motivated and positive so I'm really looking forward to working with the team. It seems like a fast paced, fun environment.

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?

I am looking forward to working with Kay and the variation my new role will bring.  I love people, so talking to clients on the phone and meeting and greeting as front of house is perfect for me.  I am told part of my new role will be to buy my fellow Blueleafers a birthday present from the company and provide either cake or a cheese board on their Birthday - my family and friends all find that quite amusing as I am already known for making the buying of cards and presents a bit of an occupation!  I am also excited about working in a creative environment for the first time and having the opportunity to learn more about the digital world.