Biking is best done in good weather. What’s going on...? It's now just 12 weeks to go until the start of the event in June and I've not even got out of my winter training gear yet. I go out dressed like Michelin Man even wearing a balaclava to keep me warm.  What I am finding though, is that the number of miles I complete is directly linked to weight loss. I remember a good coach of mine once saying, "Weight loss - its easy, eat less and move more".  He's not wrong, with this philosophy in mind, it means that I'm not focused on weight loss or on dieting but on just being careful.  My goal is that by the start of the event I will be at the high end of 10 stone. Presently I'm 11 stone 12.  Since starting this challenge before Christmas I’ve lost a stone in weight. Last weekend was the first opportunity for some of the riders to meet. There were just over 40 of us who met in a Travel Lodge car park near Box Hill in Surrey. Despite the horrible wet and cold weather, we headed out on a circuit of Surrey covering 97 miles. The weird thing was that within a distance of 400 metres, we managed, between us to have 4 punctures. It's not ideal in the cold, as we have to remove the tyre, find any reason for the puncture and then fit a new inner tube. We then have to pump it up either the usual way with a hand pump or via the latest method which is a CO2 canister that it just popped on and in seconds the tyre is inflated. We had to be careful that our hands didn't stick to the freezing cold containers.  Staggering.  All sounds easy, but cold hands meant we lost over an hour with all the puncture repairs.

What was really encouraging was to meet William Wates' Father, who is patron of the charity we are all riding for.  William Wates was tragically killed when traveling in South America. The Trust is a registered charity set up in 1998 with a mission to help the most disadvantaged young people in the UK keep away from a life of crime and violence, and fulfill their potential. WOW, I'm so pleased to be able to support kids. So how can you help me? Personally via my website  or via Corporate Sponsorship. I would love to have 21 sponsors, one for each stage, each getting a prominence on their stage – is this right for your company? If so please contact me directly.