Our MD, Adrian Lomas recently gave a seminar highlighting the subject of this week's tip, which is something so simple that most people overlook it. On the whole, we humans are social animals; we like to interact with others. Think how we feel when someone holds a door open or compliments us on our appearance. In our shiny new digital world where emails, texts and tweets are the norm, this kind of courtesy is overlooked and what we are left with is sometimes cold and faceless.

Imagine what a huge impact you could make by being courteous. Why not send a personal message to each person who begins to follow you on Twitter thanking them? How about contacting anyone who has checked out your LinkedIn profile? After all, they looked for a reason. Do you reply to every comment on your blog or Facebook page?

Our tip for this week is to never underestimate the power of friendly engagement to create loyalty and more business.

If you'd like to make your website more engaging, please contact Adrian Lomas or Rob Smith on 01829 260 600, adrian@blue-leaf.co.uk or rob@blue-leaf.co.uk

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