You’ve heard the old rule of thumb that it’s seven times more expensive to sell to a new customer than to an old one, but are you doing anything about it? Go for the low hanging fruit and target the people you’ve sold to in the past. Forget about finding new customers for a moment. There's so many potential sales locked up inside your existing customers that you’ll doubtless be missing out if you’re not considering them as an important target audience.

The key to doing this successfully is to be smart and personalise the selling process. Why not send them an email recommending products based on their previous purchases? Or a 10% off voucher if they come back to you? Or a reward if they refer a friend or family member? With their data already to hand, campaigns like these can be quick, easy and incredibly cost-effective.

Don’t fall into the trap of only chasing new customers – communicating with your existing ones in the right way can pay dividends and who doesn’t want that?