Don’t you love it when you feel really looked after by a company? When you feel that they’re treating you in the way you like to be treated rather than the way that works for them as a company?  I’ve recently had a great experience with and it’s nice to be able to share great experiences. I’ve been a customer for a couple of years now, just on their basic package. I get regular emails to tell me which films are on their way to me, news about new films coming out and suggested titles for me to rent. What really impressed me recently though was when I received an email about a film I’d had for a few weeks and not returned – rather than reminding me to send the film back (which I thought the email would be about), it was to say that they were sending me my next title anyway and there was no rush to send the existing one back, just whenever I was ready.   Add to this that additional rentals are occasionally added to my account (always a nice surprise!), this all makes me feel like they’re really looking after me, so I’m much more likely to be loyal to them.   This week’s tip therefore is all about looking after customers. What do you do to make your customers really feel valued? Look after them and they’re much more likely to keep coming back.

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