We've been working with renowned Irish sports brand Life Style Sports to launch a new international ecommerce website that is fully responsive across multiple devices, including mobile and tablet. Blueleaf were asked to increase conversion rate and outperform the market by producing a unique website with a strong focus on user experience. To achieve this, in the competitive Irish sportswear market, the Blueleaf team knew they had to deliver something bold and unique.

The team have used strong imagery with carefully considered and well- researched user experience expertise to produce a visually emotive website that is extremely easy to navigate and offers a seamless experience across multiple devices. The site offers a wealth of easy-to-find content ranging from gym do’s and don’ts to deeply technical information about choosing the right sports shoes. The rich content enhances the user experience but does not distract customers wishing to make quick and easy purchases.

Photography takes centre stage throughout the website and images are supersized to full screen width for optimum impact. Imagery is also used as a navigation tool and bespoke features have been developed on the Venda ecommerce platform.

Life Style Sports
Life Style Sports

One of the key features is the category pages, which use bold images to replace the traditional product list format, guiding customers effortlessly to products and exciting content.

Gordon Newman, Head of eCommerce at Life Style Sports commented: "Blueleaf have helped us improve the overall customer experience by simplifying the overall site structure, utilising our rich product image assets and adding subtle customer features across all devices. This all helps to make the shopping process more engaging, and now with our category hubs we can seamlessly blend product promotion and supporting content in a rich, immerse way that's unique in our market."

Rob Smith, Managing Director at Blueleaf added: “With the balance of content and commerce becoming ever more important, I think we’ve struck a great mix with the new Life Style Sports site. It’s a really enjoyable experience across the devices - looking forward to a strong set of year-on-year results too.”