Adrian Lomas

"Adrian Lomas" "Tour De France" " Tour de Force" So I now have 25 days till Day 1 of the tour.  I finally feel like its all coming together as well.  New bike, new clothing, and some sun, meant I went out on Saturday and did a cracking ride, covering 81 miles at an average of 19.6 mph (click the link to see on Strava)

Dave Brailsford from Team Sky is well known for his marginal gains.  Its so true. I've been a big fan of making sure that when getting ready for any big event, all the details are right.  New socks, new handlebar tape and tyres etc.  This time, its been 7 years since I had a new bike, so I invested in a new one.  My coach Dave Lloyd helped in the process and as such i've gone for a bike built by the former world champion Fondriest. It's a stunning bike, felt a little different at first, as my position has been lowered at the front, but after a few hours and a few tweaks of getting the saddle just spot on, it feels like a comfortable place to be for 3 weeks - every day...!

All of these elements combined just right for Saturdays ride, where the speed was constantly much higher than normal. For me, It's now about maxing the last block of training before winding down the last week prior to the event. I head out to Marjorca soon for a family break and agreed that I can get the training done in the mornings to leave me free for family time afterwards. Should be a good 5 days of good weather back to back training.

Excited now.