Something that caught my eye this week was the tale of the Super Lamb Banana that has gone missing in Liverpool.

The original Super Lamb Banana was the work of a Japanese-based artist and was a sculpture created to warn about the dangers of genetically modified food. Relevant to Liverpool because of its history in the trade of lambs and the import of bananas, Super Lamb Banana has moved around the city over the last few years and now takes its place near the Walker Art Gallery.

The reason it's been in the headlines this week is that Monday saw the launch of the 'Go Super Lamb Bananas' festival. The night before the launch of the festival, one of the exhibits – a five foot high sculpture wearing a yellow hard hat and high-visibility vest – disappeared from its 'home' outside the offices of Maghull Developments. Appeals are now being made for its safe return and you can't help thinking that the 'lambnapping' is all part of a big publicity stunt. The owners are apparently receiving ransom notes from the lambnappers in different locations around the country. Whether it is a stunt or not, it's certainly getting coverage in the local media, showing the power of a good story that captures the public's interest.