Do you ever wonder why some things you manage to achieve with little effort, whilst other things seem to be a major hassle to get done? Why some things on your ‘to do’ list just get carried over from day to day? This was something I was thinking about at the weekend - I had loads of things I needed to achieve so I wrote a list (nothing new there, those that know me will say!). This really helped to focus my mind on what I needed to do but as the weekend went on, I found I kept skipping over some things on the list and was interested in why this was. I came to the conclusion that it was because there were some things on the list that were a bit vague, so I was unclear on what I needed to achieve or with other things, I didn’t really have a strong enough reason for completing the task such as I didn’t really know how it would benefit me.

The easiest thing to achieve was completing my last assignment for the Psychology course I’m currently doing. So why was this? It was because I knew exactly what I had to do and I had a strong reason for finishing it at the weekend, as I’d promised myself I would do it before my trip to Paris at the end of the month - I knew I would enjoy myself more knowing that it had been completed.

So, it seems that when you know what you want to achieve or where you want to go and why, you’re much more likely to get there.