I can’t believe the email I received the other day, (and yes this is genuine): “With your case, you were paying as a non-member which was £895 + 17.5% VAT, spread over 10 months. The £236 was a mistake, as that was a price adjust to non-members with a guest (and not the correct fee). So, the event price at last year’s event was £595.00 + 17.5 % VAT totalling £699.13 and a non-member was £895 + VAT totalling £972.14, which means you should get a refund cheque of £272.99, not the £167, which was a manual miscalculation on my part, for which I apologise. You have paid 7 payments of £105.16 + £236.02 totalling £972.12 for the event and should have only paid £699.13, giving a refund cheque of £272.99. With regards the new course, due to a payment gateway issue, the first payment did go through at a 17.5% VAT (£7.38), which we will add to the £272.99 making the refund totalling £280.37. We issued a refund cheque for the £167.69 already, which you can cash leaving the amount owed to you another credit for £112.68. Please let us know if you agree with the above and once in agreement, we will issue you a refund cheque.”

Is this conducive to a good working relationship ? We’re all after an easy life, so my question is, “what do you do in your business that may be a little complicated for others to understand, even if it’s simple to you? Can you simplify stuff in order to help people more?”

By the way - my answer to the above (well Denise figured it) was to refund me all of my money paid to date, and set up a new payment for the new course. Job done.. :-)