Thursday 22nd June saw our Digital Garden Party take up residency at its usual venue of Oddfellows in Chester.

And yes, the sun did shine! We had a great turnout and a lively debate as expected - the brave souls taking to the floor this time were Kat from Kat Hannon Photography and Mat from Sentient Digital, with their chosen topic being 'Growing agencies with freelance teams vs in-house teams'.

Kat chose to go first, taking the side of using freelancers. She focused on saying you could choose the skills required, be specific about who you worked with and it was a great way to flex your team up or down depending on workloads. It's also the best solution for keeping overheads down.

Mat retaliated with saying that freelancers never really felt a part of your team as they were only used for a specific period of time. They don't always fit in with your culture and potentially they might not be as reliable, having other work commitments to juggle. 

After a bit of discussion and some great questions from the floor, it was time for the audience to vote - there was some deliberation but in the end most took the side of growing using in-house teams.  

A massive thank you to our sponsors for the event:

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