It's been a good few months since our last Jibber Jabber event, so we're delighted to announce that it's back! Our next event will be on Wednesday 23rd March, 6pm to around 8.30pm. You can sign up here

Jibber Jabber is our London-based event for those of you who enjoy a drink and a jabber with peers - which we think is pretty much everyone. The 'do' is open to anyone working in the digital space; agencies, consultants, brands, you're all welcome. So if you're planning to come along, why not invite your colleagues too and let the world know you're attending on Twitter using #JibberJabber

We're pretty excited about the space we've booked too; this time we're in the private Vault Room within Revolution Leadenhall. As the name suggests, it's a vault within an old bank so it's rather decadent. Let's just hope we don't get locked in! (We're joking, that definitely won't happen!)

The doors are open from 6pm and the event (officially) goes on until around 8.30pm, although we're confident many of you will stick around much later. You're welcome to pop in whenever you're free but we recommend getting there for 7pm if you can, as we're holding one of our world famous(-ish), Digital Debates. This time our digital dynamos will battle out the theme 'Content vs Commerce'. Should your website focus on enticing, brand-affirming content to tell you everything you need to know about the products, why they're the bee's knees, what other customers think and which celebrities are using them? Or should the focus be on why the product is such a good deal, how much money you're saving if you buy today and the easiest way to get the item into your basket? 

If you have any questions about the event, or if you're interested in taking on Blueleaf MD Rob Smith in the debate, then please drop Kate a note

We'd also like to say a huge thanks to Trustpilot who are sponsoring the get-together. Their generosity means we can all enjoy some drinks and nibbles on the house, or rather on the bank! We asked Trustpilot why they're sponsoring our event: 

"Blueleaf are partners of ours and we have a very strong relationship, we're both extremely passionate about online retail experiences. When we heard about their Jibber Jabber event we were delighted to get involved, it sounds like a fun and casual do that attendees genuinely enjoy. We also really like the approach of mingling with peers, too many people are in constant competition when really there's a lot we can all learn from people in the same space, so events like this are good for the industry as a whole. We're really excited to be involved and looking forward to 23rd March." 

Neil Bayton, Head of UK Partnerships, Trustpilot