If you’re not familiar with our Jibber Jabber series of events,  put simply they’re drinks events for people working in digital or people who are simply digitally-curious.

Blueleaf CEO and Founder, Adrian Lomas, built Blueleaf by working collaboratively with our clients, partners, and even at times competitors - he explains more in this blog. So it’s no surprise that we run our Jibber Jabber events, once every three months, with the goal to meet and mingle with other agencies. This collaborative approach has worked tremendously well for us, so if you feel that a drink, a jabber and a laugh with other agencies isn’t really your bag, you could be missing out!

What’s more Jibber Jabber is complimentary, thanks to our generous sponsors Usabilla.

It’s a very relaxed do; we set the scene with one of our very popular 'digital debates'. A short, light-hearted and somewhat 'tongue in cheek' look at a burning topic within digital or agency life. This time our digital debaters will discuss “when in doubt, copy the competition”.  Dan Rounds from Usabilla, who is strongly in the "don't copy the competition camp", will take on Simon Bell from Diligent, who's going to argue that errr, you should copy the competition! Or something along those lines. 

We hope to see you there and if you can't make it for the whole night, then why not pop in for a drink before you head home? We kick off at 6pm, the debate will be on around 7pm and we officially wrap up at 8.30pm - although I assure you people stay much later.  

So who are Usabilla?

Usabilla helps brands like HP, Philips, Booking.com, Lufthansa, KLM and The Economist optimise their websites, apps and emails by collecting live user feedback.

Over 20,000 clients worldwide use their 'Voice of Customer' solutions to improve user experience, increase conversions and boost customer satisfaction. Their three flagship products are: Usabilla for Websites, Usabilla for Apps and Usabilla for email.

Usabilla believe continuous user feedback is the key to any successful website, product or service. Analytics shows you the what; user feedback shows you the why. Your users have the answers. Start listening! 

Got a question? Don’t hesitate to contact event manager Kate - she’s happy to help.