/blogs/news-jklarge.jpg Japanese Knotweed Solutions needed to promote the fact that they have opened local offices around the country. As a result, Blueleaf has produced a range of regional sites to be advertised via a highly targeted Pay-Per-Click campaign.

We produced sites for Ireland, Scotland and London, with more on the way for Wales and the domestic market. The aim is to drive highly targeted traffic to a site that addresses the specific market issues, especially in terms of the law for these regions.

The reason that this is in the blog section and not the news section is that I wanted to talk about regional marketing. There is a lot more regional searching going on than is generally believed. People buy people - and people buy local people even more. Just a brief look through our statistics reveals that many local search terms have been used to find us; for instance: digital agency cheshire, creative agency cheshire and web development chester.

So if you believe that there are opportunities for local marketing of your business via targeted landing pages and a Pay-Per-Click campaign - get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

In the meantime, why not take a look for yourself at the local sites:

Japanese Knotweed Scotland

Japanese Knotweed Ireland

Japanese Knotweed London

Japanese Knotweed Wales

Japanese Knotweed Domestic

Japanese Knotweed Images