This is it, a new year and it's going to have three areas of focus. My family, Blueleaf and Tour de France. Inside each of those, however, are multiple points so I'll have to be very focused, right?

As a guy, can I balance multiple things? Maybe I need to be in touch with my feminine side to achieve my goals. Hmmm, that does, however, conflict a little with the rigours of the Tour!

I've discovered two great things today that will help me. The first is Strava which is an application that tracks what you do and where you go. Sign up to www.Strava.com and you'll be able to follow my progress. It'll show you the miles I've traveled, my speed, cadence and heart beat. It's fantastic but also quite public! :(

The second great find is Dave Lloyd. Click here to view his website.

He's agreed to meet next Saturday for a ramp test and to schedule my activity to ensure that I'll be ready for the event. Apparently its not going to be easy. I had already figured that might be the case, however hearing it from Dave, a well respected coach and one of the UK's best performers, is a bit scary. I know he's going to be perfect!

Happy New Year 2013!

Written by Adrian Lomas