Sorry to have to say this but when we design it’s not meant to be exactly what you would like it to be. Instead it’s crucial it meets your target market's expectations instead.

On some occasions we find, when working with people, they suddenly start to become part time designers and get involved in creating a piece of marketing collateral, logo or website design based around what they like. I have a simple formula which may help, which I picked up from Keith Cunningham many years back – it’s basically:

  • - Find out what they want
  • - Go and get it
  • - Give it to them

It simply means find out exactly what your market is looking for, so you can create it to fit their demand. Then of course go out and sell it to them as you know there is a market. Sounds simple, well yes it is, then why do so many people miss out these stages and design by committee as to what they like rather than listen to their market?