There has been a lot said and done with content marketing in the past few months, with most of the UK's larger online retailers switching onto it, using their vast marketing budget to spread their brand voice across the web. But what about the little guy, do you need huge budgets to produce great content and what's it all for? Well if you want to know more, you really should take a look at this excellent article from Econsultancy.

Hopefully in this article, you can see how Econsultancy do a great job of explaining and highlighting the importance of content marketing, which is something we have been developing with all our SEO clients. Don't take content to just mean text though; in fact our biggest outreach successes have come from infographics and further onsite developments. Here’s two examples of new content marketing that reached out to a wider audience:

Invasive Invaders Infographic

The purpose here was to raise the awareness of Japanese Knotweed, as the UK is still in the dark on the rapid spread of this invasive weed. We took quite dark themes that people knew about and compared them to Japanese Knotweed. This infographic featured on some high profile websites and gained some important links for our client:

Ways Your House Could Kill You

Aside from infographics, we are also looking at parallax scrollers, here's one that we have in development for our client Another dark tone piece, but one that we are hoping will gauge the interest of some large websites.

It’s important though with all this content, to have a strategy. As Econsultancy discussed, we shouldn't just build content for links, it is finally recognised as the best way to do SEO. But these types of content can also help encourage brand engagement and keep people coming back, as it’s a less ‘in your face’ tactic than brands have been used to implementing in the past, another win for the end user!