Please don’t buy an iPhone or iPad from anybody claiming to work for Blueleaf. Nobody in any of our offices is selling these products. We’re sorry to report that someone is conning good people out of hundreds of pounds and using our company name to do so. They are responding to ads on Gumtree, and possibly elsewhere, looking for second hand phones.

They are operating this under-hand scam via text – telling enquirers that they are too busy at work to answer their phone. They are saying they work for Blueleaf as a web developer, which we assure you is not the case. They ask for the money to be transferred directly into their bank account and once it’s been received the “buyer” never hears from them again.

They are using this number 07518 406 260 and various names including Mark and David.

So far they’ve scammed a host of good, honest people including a nurse and a man who was buying a present for his girlfriend’s birthday. Please help us stop anyone else losing their money.

Spread the word and if you work in the digital space please be aware. They appear to be using companies in this industry for their scam because it seems reasonable that we’d be selling tech products.

Thanks for reading and if you have any further ideas on how to stop this or any information that could help the fraud investigation team please get in touch with Kate