Hi there, my name is Rachael I’m 15 and this past week I’ve been an Intern at Blueleaf! This summer, I really wanted to expand my knowledge of the design industry, so I’ve managed to get a few work experience placements while I’ve had 8 weeks off school. I applied to Blueleaf because it’s a very reputable company that has worked for some really big brands such as Laura Ashley.

I run my own small web design business catering for small start up businesses, so I thought it would be interesting to see how an agency works.

I first got in touch with Chris Jones (Creative Director) who was very kind and told me what I’d be doing and what to expect when I arrived. This made me feel very welcome when I started on Tuesday morning. To start the week, I spent time with Sarah Evans (Senior Account Manager) who explained how the company worked as well as how clients and projects are managed. I then met with Deb who develops new business and she briefly explained all about social media and how it can help to create new opportunities and grow the brand.

Chris then explained all about how briefs work and set me the small task of creating a mock campaign for a brief they had already completed. Once I’d drawn out my ideas, we talked about each one and compared them to the final product that Blueleaf had produced themselves. Chris then kindly gave me some great tips about how to improve my own work.

On Wednesday Kay took me to Blueleaf’s new offices near Bolesworth, which I thought looked really professional and modern and definitely suited the personalities of the employees.

I then spent some time with Woody who taught me the basics of photo shop which enabled me to create digital versions of some of my designs from the day before. Rob Smith the Digital Director talked me through the proposal process and gave me some useful advice about my own business.

Thursday involved spending time with Deb using social media, contacting strategic partners and also writing this article!

I think my time at Blueleaf has given me some experience I might never get from school; the employees are really kind and helpful and made me feel welcome. I almost wish I didn’t have to leave tomorrow. However I will get to see the team again as I’m having a day off school to attend Celebrate Cheshire where Blueleaf will have a stand and will also be conducting seminars.