Hello! Having recently graduated this summer, studying Marketing Management on a 4-year course, I decided getting some real hands-on agency experience would be a great place to start in shaping my desired career path.

After having met with blueleaf’s Managing Director Adrian, I instantly knew blueleaf would be a fantastic place to do this. Greeted by a penny fathering as I entered the office, complimented by a quirky interior and a warm welcome from the blueleaf team I knew it was going to be a good week! The first job was to run through the list of goals and objectives I'd prepared so we all knew what I wanted to accomplish over the course of the week and then it was straight into getting stuck in!

My first day was mainly spent with Operations Director, Sarah. I learnt about the internal system ‘Traffic’ and recognised the importance of this system and understood the role this plays in managing projects from start to finish.

I became familiar with the software "WordPress", a content management system which enables users to create a website or blog allowing the user to update copy and amend changes.

I was fortunate to gain a brief understanding of how websites are built and created. With this came the technical effects you can add to a website to improve its look and feel providing a better user experience.

I was particularly intrigued and impressed how ‘parallax scrolling’ can change the whole tone of a website.  I also found a technique called ‘responsive design’ - fascinating in how a website can be formatted for use of various technology such as the iPad and iPhone.

Adrian invited me to go along to a pitch, which gave me a real insight into how blueleaf communicates with clients on a professional level.  It was great to observe and almost feel part of project.

One of my objectives was to gain a broader insight into how blueleaf facilitates their social networking sites - twitter, facebook, linkedin and google+. Social networking sites are becoming increasingly important, utilised as a key marketing tool. Familiar with google analytics I could appreciate how Debs sets weekly targets on the activity across these various social media sites.  This helps Debs in determining the action plan for the following week with the objective to increase traffic and user interaction with blueleaf’s pages.

It just so happened that my week with blueleaf fell on the monthly calendar date of ‘The Business Network Chester’ luncheon. This is an event which Debs attends once a month along with an array of other types of businesses from the local area.

I was fortunate to go along to this event with Debs and enjoyed a lovely lunch with like-minded people interested in building relationships and looking perhaps to generate new business.

My week with blueleaf exceeded my expectations - I came to grips with the role of Account Management, recognising the ability to juggle a handful of projects, maintaining an eye for detail at any time of the day!

It was great that my week enabled me to appreciate how each role contributes to the success of blueleaf in different ways. Learning about the technical and creative expertise which goes into developing a website, I was able to recognise the importance of identifying and understanding the market of a client and the brand itself to produce a website which reflects this with good look and feel.

On my last day I was asked to prepare a presentation to a few members of the team on a subject of my choice, a great opportunity to exercise my presentation skills and gain some constructive criticism. Fingers crossed it goes well!

Maxine Fennell (BA Hons Marketing Management)

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