As we press print on our 5th edition of Inspiring Great Retail, Autumn 2016, it’s hard to believe that we’ve done 4 already. But equally, we can’t remember a world where we’re not hunting out inspiring retail experiences to share in our reports. Every time a Blueleaf team member feels some retail love we’re sharing our story, hoping it’ll make the cut.   

We’ve covered a raft of brands over our, now 5, editions. Some well-known and others happily on the cusp of something big so currently still a real find. And we’ve addressed some key areas for retail: brand, in-store, web performance, great customer communications, ecommerce creativity and new payment methods. Our 5th edition is all about mobile and will land on 3rd August.

The beauty of these reports, which we issue every 3 months, is that the retail world is so fast-faced and ever-changing that we’ll never run out of fodder.

It’ll be interesting to contrast our upcoming report on mobile with another report this time next year. How much will the mobile landscape have changed? Same for any of our key topics; there’s always something new to consider and hopefully our reports help unearth new technologies and ideas that will help us all keep up - with each other and our customers' expectations.  

If you're yet to enjoy one of our reports, they're all here:

Edition 1, Autumn 2015 - brand and in-store

Edition 2, Winter 2015 - creativity and new payment methods

Edition 3, Spring 2016 - great communications

Edition 4, Summer 2016 - web performance

If you like them, why not ask Marketing Manager Kate if she’ll post you a copy of our 5th edition as soon as it’s ready?

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