So, you have a site and you have Google Analytics, but are you using them to their greatest potential? Google Analytics has a great depth of information and analysis, especially the more you dig into getting custom reports. Today though, here's a tip to quickly and visually see your most effective landing pages.

In Google Analytics, follow these steps:

1. Go to 'Content' in the left hand navigation

2. Now click 'Top Landing Pages' in the sub menu

3. On the far right of the page are a set of icons labelled 'Views', click 'Comparison'

4. Now select 'Bounce Rate' from the dropdown labelled 'Individual Page' on the right

This report shows you the website pages that people land on (i.e. it's not always the homepage!) and how well those landing pages do compared with the average page on your site. If people' bounce' a lot, they are looking at that page on your site and then leaving, i.e. they are not engaging with your site and delving deeper.

Red bars mean this page is performing worse than the average page on the site, green bars are performing better. You need to sort out the red bars. Simple as that!