Here at Blueleaf Digital, we’ve recently gone through a repositioning and rebrand. This has evolved through the focus of the team, who have shaped it by helping companies with their own digital strategies. 2009 was a big year for us with some great project wins, as well as receiving some awards for our work. This helped in our thinking to bring clarity to the Blueleaf Digital brand which until then sat within Blueleaf, a full service marketing agency.

Now the two companies, Blueleaf Digital and Blueleaf Creative, sit within the same group but are self dependent and therefore totally focused on helping to achieve goals in line with our purpose. We strive for honest, caring and straightforward relationships with our clients and partners. Team members are valued, respected and fulfilled as they continually strive for excellence. Success is recognised and rewarded. We believe that the business is here to make a fair profit and in providing a balanced and healthy lifestyle for all involved.

Above all, our purpose is to live and work with passion and integrity to be a truly outstanding brand.