When it comes to digital marketing, you’ve got three choices:

1. Ignore it because it’s all too complicated and scary and full of confusing acronyms 2. Dip your toe in the water, try a few things and hope they work 3. Speak to experts with a proven track record of getting results from digital marketing

If you fall into the first category, you’re not alone. The good news is that the Blueleaf team speak plain English. Web experts we might be, but we’re also excellent communicators. Rather than blind you with science and technical jargon, we instead focus on what you really want from your digital marketing – results and a fantastic return on investment.

If you’re more of a second category person, we applaud the fact that you’re already doing some digital activity. However, in our experience, taking the time out to create a robust, detailed strategy and plan your digital marketing is the only way to ensure you’re covering all bases, using the right mix of digital activity for your business and delivering the best results.

In the third category and already got a great digital strategy? Fantastic, but we’d still love to meet to see how we might be able to improve it for you and suggest any areas of activity that need tweaking or anything you’re not already doing. We’re also past masters at creating digital campaigns and websites to fulfil your strategy.

We’ve helped clients like Laura Ashley boost their online furniture sales by 36% in 12 months, given Next £35 ROI for every £1 spent on emarketing and boosted Ovo Energy’s customer conversion rate by 23%.

We work with smaller brands too and our services are more cost-effective than you might think.

It all starts with an informal chat, so don’t be scared, get in touch with Adrian Lomas or Rob Smith today on 01829 260 600 or mail@blue-leaf.co.uk. We guarantee you’ll start benefiting from our experience straight away.