Here at Blueleaf, we recently became Wine Angels, which is what you become when you join the Naked Wine subscription service. It's a new take on the wine club model where you pay a monthly fee and receive wine in return. Naked Wine, however, is different in so many ways in that it feels fresh and new. Firstly, your fee not only helps with cashflow but also enables Naked Wine to help small but excellent boutique wine makers, which means you get a high quality product at an amazing price. Secondly, you don't just get a random case of wine once a month. You can choose what you want, when you want, basing your choice on either the recommendations the site makes for you or on the the recommendations of the other 70,000 Wine Angels. Now, imagine if you could buy like this from other retailers. Clearly, this would only work for companies with a smaller customer base, as it requires a degree of man power, but it would be taking personalisation and multi-channel to the next level. Take as an example a fashion retailer, who could provide a personal stylist to recommend outfits via a monthly email based not only on previous sales but also on what they know about the customer. The customer feels special and therefore is much more likely to stay loyal and the retailer has improved cashflow, better stock control, improved customer retention and increased sales. It's a win-win!

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