So Google has released a web browser to compete with the other major browsers in the market - Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. So why is this interesting to you? Well it's another indication of how Google is becoming more of software company as much as a search engine company. Yes by far all of it's revenue comes from it's Pay Per Click ads. All of the software they create is free (or ad based) - however there's a lot of software:


  • Google Calendar
  • Google Mail
  • Google Docs (word processing and spreadsheets)
  • Google Chat
  • Google Chrome (this new web browser)
  • Google Android (Mobile Phone operating system)
  • Google Earth
  • Picasa (for photos)


The list just keeps going and will do for some time. It is quite possible for a company at this stage to be fully reliant on Google for it's business (via the search engine), it's email (via Google Mail), Office documents(via Google Docs), some of it's communications (via Google Chat), etc etc.


People are becoming increasingly suspicious of Google. Fgor a long time they were the anti Microsoft and to a certain extent still are, however with all of these innovations a new direction is being carved. Microsft have long suffered with anti trust issues with it's Internet Explorer (it's browser) being bundled with Windows (it's operating system) and I would be surprised if Google starts to have the same things being murmoured about it as well.


Right now however, they do a great job of their applications - they work well and they innovate in the space where Microsft seem to be constantly playing catch up. We need to keep an eye on Google and not underestimate their power over some of our businesses.