The way that insurance is sold has changed radically during the last couple of years. The advent of the comparison site has created a rush to capture consumers’ attention for car, house and travel insurance. Whether you buy from a skinny Russian meerkat or an obese Italian opera singer, the chances are your first thought is to visit a comparison site. This model is proving extremely effective for consumer insurance, but what about specialist business insurance? John Heath Insurance Brokers asked us to open up a new revenue stream for them by taking their range of products online. Their previous site was essentially a brochure site that had been added to over time to include ecommerce elements. With a completely revised design, we have delivered a far more effective site that makes it much easier for customers to find the specialist business insurance they need, get online quotes, compare prices and then purchase. Simples.

The website will also stand the test of time as new products can be introduced as required providing even more choice for the customer. And as the site is built using a content managed system information can be updated in-house, whether details of new products need to be added, their latest fundraising activities promoted or new testimonials from satisfied customers added.

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