Life Style Sports wanted to improve the website offering to their customers and wanted to add the ability to pick a name or number to appear on items such as jerseys and football boots. With the various systems already in place, we needed to make sure that when a customer requested a personalised product, this was managed through correctly so they got what they’d ordered. We started by mapping out the process to look at the various stages that needed to happen, including adding the personalisation options to the product page, carrying the information through to the customer’s bag and finally to the checkout pages. This then needed to integrate with in-house systems to complete the order and make sure stock levels were adjusted correctly.

Once the process had been mapped out, we produced designs which incorporated the personalisation options available, including thread colour, name and flag. We had to think about the stages the customer goes through when making a purchase and present the information in as user-friendly a way as possible, to make it easy for them to complete their transaction. We had to give customers the option to add personalisation or not, and for the price to adjust where applicable.

With designs approved, we then worked with the existing systems provider to bring it all together, initially on a UAT site to test everything fully before implementation. When we were happy that everything was working correctly, it was applied to the live site. Click here to see a boot that allows full personalisation: name, thread colour and flag.