A friend of mine has just set up her own business selling beautiful costume jewellery. The business model is based on social selling; you ask friends, family and those in your network to host soirees at their homes and they invite members of their social network to browse the products. It's not a new concept – Tupperware began it in the 60s – but it's still as popular as ever. If your closest friends tell you how fabulous a product is or how good you look in a piece of jewellery, you are much more likely to buy it. It's this principle that we now see working with social commerce. With the popularity of social networking sites and smartphones, it's easier than ever to recommend products to your friends or have them recommend a product to you. This is much more powerful than a recommendation from "everyman". With the relative ease with which you can attach a shopping portal to your social network page, social commerce is a channel you should be considering.

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