From Blackburn to the world

We recently took on the challenge of producing a new, international website for iconic wallpaper, paint and wall art suppliers Graham & Brown. We’re thrilled to announce that the website’s now live and fully responsive across desktop, tablet and smart phone.

Graham & Brown need a website that reflects their brand which means slick design, beautiful and true-to-life photography, easy navigation and faceted browsing.

We also wanted to enhance the customer experience with helpful extras such as ‘Shop by colour/design’, an ‘Inspiration and advice’ tab and an easy-to-use widget calculating the number of rolls required for the user’s wall. These details are stored in a cookie so if the customer wants to explore other wallpaper options they can chop and change easily. These extras are crucial to the website as Graham & Brown want to offer a unique and enjoyable user-experience to all visitors to the site.

Here’s a little bit about what we did and how we did it.

In order to produce the best results we developed the site on Kentico.

The key was to develop a flexible site. So whilst core functionality and UX remain fixed there are enough adaptable options to allow each country to produce something bespoke to them. So, all the featured products and social media links can be altered.

The website’s now available worldwide in 8 different languages including English, French, Portuguese and Chinese with scope to introduce more languages as the company expands.

When we started mapping out the project major consideration needed to be given to the fact that the company has two warehouses, one here in the UK and another in the US. The newly developed systems needed to integrate seamlessly with Graham & Brown’s existing systems to ensure that orders are directed to the correct warehouse. This ensures that customers get their orders as soon possible with the least amount of fuss.

At this stage in the development we were mindful that as Graham & Brown’s ecommerce business continues to flourish there’s potential for more warehouses in other international locations so we built a site that could grow along with the company.

We’re delighted with the results but why not take a look yourself.