Team Blueleaf would like to draw your attention to abandoned baskets. Do you communicate with shoppers who log out before completing a transaction? If not, you could be missing out on a substantial slice of turnover.

A recent report by marketing technology company Optilead showed that retailers such as Amazon and are missing out on hundreds of thousands of pounds each year, by failing to contact customers directly once they abandon their basket. The report advised that between 25% and 40% of these ‘last hurdle’ leads could be rescued by phoning customers.

It’s true that a proportion will have intentionally abandoned their basket and won’t require help to complete, but even where this is the case, offering them more information on the products they were considering and any other relevant advice all adds up to great customer service and will show you to be a responsive brand, keen to interact with your customers.

So, for a relatively easy win, take a look at your abandoned baskets and work out a way to convert these into sales.