An area so many people miss out on is promoting how good they are and who they have helped. We’re sometimes a little too British and reserved, not wanting to stand out. Now I must admit I don’t overly go out there and promote myself as some do, however very interesting what can happen when you do. Last weekend I was at a large event in London mixing with a number of other successful business owners. At one stage I presented our business and talked of the way we have helped British Cycling, Laura Ashley and Next. Instantly I was seen as the authority on design and digital solutions and created a flood of interest in Blueleaf and awarded instant ‘expert’ status.

So how can this help you?

Well, what do you know about within your industry that you may be overlooking? Expert status must of course be backed up with a real depth of knowledge in your field, but don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet more and value what you know that others don’t. People like to be associated with an expert in their field, however who awards you this elusive ‘expert’ status? There is no governing body for experts, it’s all self-induced perception. So start today and promote yourself to expert status and prepare to be surprised.