We always like to encourage new talent into the digital marketplace so we were very happy to help when we were contacted by Joe Mason who wanted to experience working in a digital agency for a week, during his summer holiday. Over to Joe to tell you how his week went: “I am coming up to the last year of school so I have needed to think about universities and what I would like to study. I am thinking about studying computer science but I didn't have any idea what a career using computing would be like. Blueleaf helped me with that, by taking me on for a week of work experience, where I had the opportunity to be a part of all aspects of the work, including how Blueleaf interacts with clients, how they plan specifications for their projects and how the websites are designed.

I was introduced to the company on the first day of my work experience, sitting in on the start of the week meetings which discuss how each client team is doing and how they should focus their attention. It is all organised with flashy Excel sheets. I then spent the rest of the day finding out about the initial planning of projects with Tom, who is a producer in one of the client teams. Tom explained how he is in charge of really finding out what the client wants and translating that into a plan which designers and web developers can understand. In another meeting, I then learnt all about search engine optimisation with Scott, the search manager, and learning all the SEO tricks makes me now look at websites in a different way.

I was shown how Blueleaf interacts with clients on the Tuesday when Adrian, the managing director, took me to meetings in Manchester. Keeping in close contact with clients is very important to Blueleaf.

It was also on the Tuesday that I got my challenge for the week, which was to build a website from scratch. This would help me get a really good idea of the whole process Blueleaf goes through to create a website. So, I spent the rest of Tuesday planning my website using the techniques that Tom had showed me on my first day. I planned to make a website for the bed and breakfast I was staying at. I made basic wireframes of the website and questioned myself about what the user would want.

I spent the Wednesday putting together some designs for how the website would look, with the help of Duncan, a creative designer. With that done, came the tricky coding part. I lack any real coding skills so one of the web developers Tom set me up with some online coding courses and by the end of the week I felt like I had learnt a lot about the process of building a website from scratch.

Overall the week gave me a really good idea of what it would be like to work in a digital agency and it has helped me think more clearly about whether I want to work in a similar area. Thanks Blueleaf!"