Whilst on a regular visit to one of my favourite shops, Borders, equipped with a Starbucks of course, I strolled past a particular book that grabbed my attention - The Decision Moment by Jonah Lehrer. But what was it that made it jump out for me?

On the front of the book is a raised big red button saying “Don’t Press”. Now I’m a law-abiding sort of guy but to see a button on a book saying “Don’t Press” was a bit too tempting, but on the other hand a bit too obvious for me to touch. So I strolled over to the book and casually picked it up in case anyone was watching, turned it over to read the back and then subtly managed to press the button, and guess what? Nothing happened!

So what did actually happen though?

Well I was suckered in to doing something by the use of the English language. The brain can’t compute a negative and as such I had to press it to satisfy my need of curiosity. None of the other books appealed or created this sort of response in me, but by being different it captivated me to do something different because of it being out of the norm.

So how can this affect you?

Surely doing the same things will generate the same responses so why not break the norm, stand out, be different, challenge the thinking of your market... and maybe ask them to do something they shouldn’t?