We held our 8th Digital Garden Party at Oddfellows earlier this month. We had such a good time that we want to share some of the pictures and stories to either evoke memories from the night or give you a feel for the event. After all, the do is open to anyone working in digital so if after reading this article you feel inspired to come along next time, then why not sign up for our do on 12th May. In the meantime, Marketing Manager Kate will share a little more about February's party.

Over to Kate

Guests started arriving at 6.30pm. I was hovering around Oddfellow's reception herding people to the upstairs bar, our private space for the evening, and unofficially checking the odd coat into the hotel's cloakroom (sorry Oddfellows). When I headed upstairs at 7pm, I couldn't believe the buzz. There were around 80 people in the room, all chatting, mingling and generally having a good time. Working in events, the number of attendees is seen as the most important metric for success, but what I love about the Digital Garden Party is not just the great attendance, but that people laugh, joke and dare I say, have one too many drinks! It's genuinely a great atmosphere. It's also fantastic to see new faces each time, as well as agencies like theEword, Melbourne and Galibier PR who travel over from Manchester and Matmi raising the flag for Macclesfield - my home turf! The event's growing each time we run it. 

I was expecting big things from the digital debate as both Jeff Coghlan from Matmi and Oliver Chesher from Galibier PR are talented people who don't sit on the fence when it comes to opinions. They didn't disappoint! Their "stick to the knitting" debate got the audience talking and hopefully thinking. The debate centred around the notion that an agency should either find out its true North and be the absolute God in that area (Oliver) or adapt, evolve and continually reshape to fit the ever-changing digital landscape (Jeff). Oliver pipped Jeff to the post, but it was very close and they both made some points that resonated with the audience. 

Here's some of our favourite pictures from the do. If you want to get even more of a flavour for the event, you should also check out #DigiGardenParty on Twitter. 

Oliver and Jeff.jpg

I'd also like to say a huge thanks to our sponsors, Melbourne Hosting and Shortlist Recruitment. Together they supply the drinks and nibbles, which I'm sure you'll agree is a nice treat! We really value their continued support. In their words, here's why they've chosen to support the Digital Garden Party.  

"At Melbourne we’ve worked with companies in the creative and digital sectors for a number of years so it was a no-brainer when Blueleaf asked us to sponsor the garden party. It’s a friendly, relaxed event that we always enjoy and a great place for us to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. To those who haven’t been yet, we definitely recommend it. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!"

Natalie Fayle – Marketing Manager, Melbourne

"The vibe and buzz has continued to grow with each of the Garden Parties that we have sponsored over the last 2 years, to the point now that it feels like a big family gathering and unlike any other local networking or social meetup that we have seen. The quality of speakers and range of topics never ceases to impress, with more and more local landmark brands contributing to the discussions. I would encourage anyone in the local Digital scene to come along and say Hi, as a big effort is always made to welcome newcomers."

Giles Warburton - Managing Director, ShortList

So all that's left to say is, we look forward to seeing you on 12th May, just don't forget to sign up.