Next: Digital Garden Party

12th May 2016

We’re back with another of our ever-popular Digital Garden Parties. As usual we’re at the weirdly-wonderful private lounge at Oddfellows in the centre of Chester. Come rain or shine we’re all set with our private terrace and open fire.

If you came to our last do, you’ll have heard Oliver Chesher from Manchester-based Galibier PR and Jeff Coghlan from Matmi in Macclesfield debate “Stick to your Knitting”. Should an agency or business in general stick to what they’re flippin brilliant at and focus entirely on that, inevitably meaning they have to turn down work but becoming the gods at what they do (Oliver)? Or should they continually shape, evolve and grow, discovering new skills and unexpected passions along the way (Jeff)?

Oliver was the champ and fresh from the fight, he’s back to defend his title. Oliver’s new digital rival is David Walter from Photolink in Manchester.  Oliver is a communications consultant who has been advising clients in sectors from education and sport to finance and technology since the late 90s. David is a strategic consultant for companies looking for a new direction or launch initiative. He's set up, worked with, and merged a number of very successful companies - so it’s sure to be a heated debate when these two content kings decide whether or not “Content is a Dirty Word”. Not since Mike Tyson took on Terry Cruz in lip sync battle has there been such a hotly anticipated battle.

After the debate we’ll enjoy some hearty nibbles and there'll be drinks throughout the evening, all thanks to our extremely generous and supportive sponsors, Shortlist Recruitment and Melbourne Hosting.

So we’ll see you there from 6.30pm, and please invite any friends or colleague that work or have an interest in digital. Remember to also let Kate know if you have anything you’d like to share with the group on the night. Perhaps you’re hosting a charity bike ride or you’re raising funds to purchase footage from your expedition up Everest? OK, they’re two actual examples but you get the picture!

We look forward to seeing you there.