As this is the last edition of ‘Gossip’ in 2014, we’ve gathered some big brains here at Blueleaf and asked them to share with us their digital commerce predictions for 2015. What should we be doing, keeping an eye on or forgetting about all together? Here’s what they had to say…

Managing Director Rob Smith

2015 will be the year of digital commerce hitting a mature stride especially in terms of conversion, optimisation and testing plans. Retailers will start to not only run testing but create test- driven cultures and internalise broader learnings from that testing that drives not only website decisions, but service ones too.

Head of Strategy Jonathon Palmer

The role of brand communication within digital commerce will get increased recognition in 2015. There will be more emphasis on delivering an engaging online brand experience at the same time as great UX and a smooth buying journey. Content strategy will play a big part in bringing the brand to life in a way that consumers can connect with, beyond just a one-off purchase.

User Experience Director Chris Jones

2015 will see digital commerce becoming an ever more seamless part of retail. Mobile payments, in-store beacons, wearable tech and a strengthening focus from brands on joining up their bricks and clicks offerings, will all go towards integrating digital retail with high street retail. Brands will start to fully appreciate what consumers have felt for a long time – that it's one brand, no matter how they choose to shop.

Rob, Jonathon and Chris will also be bringing you '12 Days of Christmas Commerce' - keep an eye out from 8 December as we’ll be sharing interesting, ground-breaking and surprising digital commerce statistics from 2014 and sharing our thoughts on what we can learn from them.