We ran our first DigiBix event in September last year and we had a great response. It was our first event of this nature and we weren’t sure what to expect - what we got was interesting speakers and an engaged and impassioned audience. It really felt like we had the right people in the room to nail this ecommerce thingy. So, we’re running our next event on Thursday (22nd January) and it’s shaping up to be as inspiring as the last. We’re delighted to have some first-rate brands speaking and attending.

This time round Dr Dave Chaffey (who may well have written your University Digital Marketing books) will be encouraging you to look at whether or not your content marketing efforts are really getting you sales. He’ll be giving tips on how to evaluate this and make sure you get it right.

Andy Beale from F&F Clothing at Tesco, will be giving a candid talk about his first-hand experience of using content to drive sales across multi-channel. He’ll share what F&F Clothing have done inside Tesco stores to help encourage sales and how this is supported online, creating a seamless and consistent experience for customers at every touch point. He'll also offer hints and tips to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.

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So why do we run DigiBix?

From the minute we started discussing DigiBix, we knew that it had to be a sales-free event. Otherwise, it’d be the same as all the events we attend where they start off great but before you know it you’re being sold to. They’re just not as valuable as they could be.

So, DigiBix is for ecommerce brands only and because of this, people talk freely (sometimes in the hotel restaurant once the event’s over) and it genuinely seems that people get more from it, us included as we get to hear people talk openly about their experiences. This is great learning for us and something we can pass onto our clients.

If you’d like to hear more about DigiBix, then get in touch with Kate, she’s always very happy to talk about events.