Our developers here at Blueleaf have been very busy. OK, so they're always busy but three in particular have been extra busy recently as they've been upskilling their Demandware knowledge with intensive training. 

Demandware is an on-demand ecommerce platform and it's one of the platforms we specialise in. We love it because it combines the functionality, flexibility and customisation capabilities of an in-house application with the operational benefits of the on-demand model. 

Following on from Lead Back End Developer Darryl (Daz) Taylor and Lead Front End Developer Peter Smith becoming certified developers in 2015, we're proud to announce that Front End Developer Simon Pioli is the latest Blueleafer to become "Developing in Demandware" trained. All three developing brain boxes passed the exam with flying colours at the end of their intensive week-long training courses.

Simon took the first part of his course earlier this month in Brussels and he'll complete phase two shortly.

For Darryl and Pete this credential has been complemented by the completion of the "Troubleshooting on the Demandware Platform" course, which they both passed last month.

Some of the skills that all three developers learnt and honed on these courses include:
- Demandware Architecture
- Cartridges
- Pipelines
- ISML Templating
- Demandware Script
- Site Maintenance

We've always had a culture of continuous education here at Blueleaf and we're excited to be constantly learning more about the Demandware platform. It's valuable knowledge that we can put to good use straight away, with new client Jacques Vert Group. 

We asked Daz, Pete and Simon what they like about the Demandware platform, they said:

“I like Demandware as it utilises technologies we are already familiar with; their infrastructure and developer-focused architecture experience make it really great to work with” Darryl Taylor

"Demandware is a versatile platform that allows us to take control of the code instead of the code controlling us. Front end technologies are complemented by utilising webDAV and other deployment tools to efficiently produce high quality, optimised code, in return supporting excellent user experience" Pete Smith

"Every aspect of the Demandware platform, from the Cartridge system to the deployment process makes developing and maintaining a website with them a great experience" Simon Pioli