If you were able to make it along to our Digital Garden Party on Thursday 12th May then I’m sure you’ll agree, you were treated to a passionate, creative and well-informed debate.

Our digital heavyweights, Oliver Chesher from Galibier PR and David Walter from Photolink took to the stage to decide whether or not “content is a dirty word.” 

These content kings are well qualified to decide! Oliver is Founder and Managing Director of Manchester-based Galibier PR. He has been advising clients from education to sport, to finance and technology since the late 90s.

David’s companies, Photolink and Hungry Tiger, shoot more content than any other companies of this type in the UK. His clients include: M&S, John Lewis, Belstaff and Jimmy Choo, as well as 120 others!

Oliver has been waiting in the wings to hold this debate for some time now, but we’ve struggled to find anyone willing to argue that “content” is a beautiful word... until David. 

So the debate began... 

A particular bugbear of Oliver’s is that people devalue the consideration, talent and creativity that goes into good reports, press releases, images, stories and whatever else we may summarise as “content”.

Oliver recalled a tweet stating that Mark Twain did not write content! This has had a profound effect on him, frustrating him ever since. Being the skilled PR man that he is, every time he's had to refer to his carefully crafted work as "content", he's done so through gritted teeth. 

Oliver went further to say that not only does this terrible word devalue the skill of many, but it simultaneously provides a safe hiding place for those with little talent or skill. For these people, when asked what they do, they can reply “content” with no further questions asked.

David from Photolink, stepped in to argue that content is a beautiful word. That content is all-encompassing, from the glasses we were holding to the room we were in. Content is everything and everywhere. He argued that, in that respect there is no bigger or better word. 

David, who by his own admission has been lucky enough to photograph beautiful people, in beautiful places all over the world, had no shame in calling the images he's produced on these voyages as "content". David argued that we’re content - wonderful, engaging, money-making content.

Both of these talented wordsmiths put up a very worthy fight, but the knock-out blow was delivered by David, who simply described himself, and everyone else in the room as content. He argued there's no better feeling than being content. 

About the Digital Garden Party

We run the Digital Garden Party once every three months. It’s a chance for us all to mingle with other digital folk (and real folk) and share contacts, ideas and maybe the odd project or two.

The event is run from 6.30pm until around 8.30pm at the wonderful, if not slightly bonkers, Oddfellows in the centre of Chester. The drinks and nibbles are courtesy of kind sponsors ShortList Recruitment and Melbourne Hosting.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop with future Digital Garden Parties then let our Marketing Manager, Kate know and she’ll keep you in the loop. 

We hope to see you at the next do.