Our regular look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud is all about Read Only Access in Business Manager this week .

What is it?

In Business Manager you can give roles and permissions on quite a granular level. In many modules, you couldn't give just read only access for people to view. Now, there's a lot more places where you can give read only access (full list below).

Why do I care?

It's useful in the day and age of GDPR and ever tighter data regulations, to continue to restrict access to read and write functions as much as possible, especially in production systems. These changes give more flexibility.

What do I need to know?

It's coming in version 19.3 that will have general availability this month. The full list is:

Merchant Tools Modules

  • Content Slots

  • Customer Groups

  • Customer Snapshots

  • Gift Certificates

  • Import & Export for Content

  • Import & Export for Customers

  • Payment Methods

  • Site Preferences for Android Pay

  • Site Preferences for Apple Pay

Administration Modules

  • Change History

  • Custom Error Pages

  • Custom Maintenance Pages

  • Feature Switches

  • OAuth2 Providers

  • Open Commerce API Settings

  • Organisation Profile

  • WebDAV Client Permissions

If a user is assigned to more than one role with different permissions, the higher access level is granted.

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