Our regular look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud is all about the availability of page designer this week, something that’s been on the way for a while now.

What is it?

Page Designer is the ability for you to use a set of pre-defined templates and components to build up your pages in a modular way. It is, in effect, a mini content authoring system which up until now has been a big weakness of Commerce Cloud.

Why do I care?

It was announced nearly a year ago and has been in private beta testing but now, it's available to all in an open beta. You can see it in your business manager menus with the 'New' tag, under Content.

If it's not there, then you need to enable it using a 'Feature Switch', check this PDF out.

What do I need to know?

To make the best use of it, you need to get your SI to build you a set of pages and components. To find out more go here.

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