In this week's Salesforce Commerce Cloud Condensed, we're sharing Blueleaf's experience at the recent Salesforce World Tour event in London and a look ahead to Connections.

What was it?

The Salesforce World Tour is a series of events in many major cities, London being just one. It was at Excel, east of London as it needed a big space! It's a full Salesforce one day conference covering all of the clouds, of which Commerce is just one of them.

Why do I care?

With Salesforce and Demandware now fully integrated, events like XChange are a thing of the past. Previously this event was in Europe and the USA and had a focus on all things Demandware - the LINK partners, SIs and retailers got together to talk shop and hold focused sessions. With these gone, they have been replaced with events like the World Tour, Connections and Dreamforce.

What do I need to know?

We felt that World Tour was light on Commerce Cloud content, and was also only represented in a small way in the Customer Success Expo (the trade show part) of the conference. This is to be expected as it's one cloud of many in the Salesforce stable and this was a full spectrum Salesforce event. There were some fascinating sessions across the clouds and it was good to catch up with people new and old.

When we look at the agenda of Connections, things look much more focused on commerce and marketing, and indeed the sponsors reveal a much more focused set of companies that are much more recognisable as strong Commerce Cloud partners like Cybersource, Z-Mags and Poq to name just a few.

If you can get the time away and the budget approved to get to Chicago, then we think the 3-day event could be a very interesting learning and networking opportunity. Check out the website here.

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