Our regular look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud takes a look at an improvement made to visual merchandising in the upcoming 19.1 release.

What is it?

Visual merchandising is where you sort a category visually in business manager, either by just pinning some products to the top, or merchandising the whole category in a specific order.

One of the things that's always been a niggle is that you can't add some extra data onto each of the product tiles that's important to your merchandising. Now you can! In 19.1 you can choose some additional pieces of product data to add to the tile to aid your merchandising.

Why do I care?

If you exclusively use sorting rules to merchandise and never use visual merchandising / manual sort, forget about it! If you use this tool a lot, this will be very useful.

What do I need to know?

Check out the release PDF - page 6.

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