Our regular look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud focuses on an overview of the 18.4 Release.

What is it?

Every six weeks or so, Salesforce releases a new update for the platform with additional features and stability improvements. This update focuses on features like keyword groups for sorting rules, product index rebuild progress so you are aware how much is left and various job notification fixes to keep you informed with your night-running jobs.

Why do I care?

In order to meet customer needs and show better results, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has introduced a new feature to group a sorting rule on a keyword. This allows you to define a sorting rule based on terms the customer has searched for; for example, a search for the term "inexpensive" can be sorted from lowest to highest price, regardless of the category the search is executed in.

Product index rebuild progress is another cool feature which lets you know how much time it will take to rebuild your product index. This is very valuable information so you can know when your product changes will appear on the storefront.

Usually jobs are running late at night to minimise user disruption. Due to their late timing, it makes it really tough to understand if something goes wrong such as a server restart, email send failure etc. Therefore in release 18.4, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has introduced better logging and fixes so you are up-to-date with your late night jobs.

What do I need to know?

If you would like to know more, you can read the full changelog here. Version 18.4 is generally available on both SIG and PIG instances. 

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