Our regular look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud focuses on an overview of Release 18.6.

What is it?

Every few weeks or so, Salesforce releases a new update for the platform - Release 18.6 includes the following:

  • Dynamic Promotion Search Filters

  • Orderable Products included in Sitemaps

  • Einstein Labs

Why do I care?

Every new update brings you more stability, performance and new features. For example, this release supports the Commerce Cloud Script API searching for storefront products eligible for any promotion (previously it was only available for products marked as ‘searchable’). This is very useful for the developers on PDPs of unsearchable products. Small change but they all add up. 

It is also now possible to include products that are orderable but not currently available in sitemaps - this is a new UI configuration with can be accessed via Merchant Tools > Site URLs > Sitemaps - Settings. This provides much better stability to your sitemaps and search engine visibility.

What do I need to know?

You can read more about this release here.

It’s important to point out that Einstein Labs is a beta feature that is currently in preview - it includes a set of experimental features that customers can access and provide feedback on. A great opportunity for helping to influence future progression of the platform.

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