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Promotions on Product Options

Product options are normally used for 'extras' on products that are not variants like size and colour, but do increase the price. Things like warranties on electronics, care plans or personalisation / engraving are popular uses for product options. The promotional engine of SCC is more restrictive on product options than normal products.

When it comes to product options there is one main promotion type that can be applied and that is '% off product options'. You cannot fix the price of the option or knock an absolute number off, just a %. The good news here is that %s in SCC can be very accurate (we've done up to two decimal places i.e. 25.75% off which gives you the effective ability to set a particular price if you want to). You can also target products that only have a particular product option selected via 'Discounted Products' and using the Product Option ID qualifier.

Einstein Predictive Sort

'Predictive Recommendations' has been part of SCC for quite a while which allows you to have 'You may also like' areas where the products recommended are machine learning based on lots of different inputs.

Predictive Sort is for categories like 'Dresses' and dictates the sorting order of the results for the customer. Currently you can set up quite complex rules to be pretty smart per category about showing the right products at the right time.

With Einstein Predictive Sort that same machine learning is now applied to this category sorting so that you can deliver a personalised 1:1 category experience. Personalised experiences should increase conversion rate. As it's just part of the platform there are no extra costs for you and if you're currently using another tool to do this and paying extra, it might be worth testing them against each other for effectiveness. If you don't have a tool doing this it could be a very useful uplift with little work.

It's available in version 17.5 which is the next release and you can use it in conjunction with your existing sorting rules. It's just part of the platform so no further cost.

Product Beta Programmes

With quite a regular cadence, SCC like to have customer's help in beta testing new features that are of interest to that client. It can give you functionality sooner than you may otherwise get, give you the ability to potentially influence some of the product's fine tuning and also give better visibility of ongoing development.

Click here to see if any of the open programmes float your boat.

Mobile First Site Genesis

This is SCC's new reference application which will replace the current version of Site Genesis (this one). It's a welcome change, to update the reference application a lot of sites are based on.

If you're about to add a new site, be it for a new region, brand or for any other reason, it's worth considering building this using the new mobile first reference application.

It's not quite on general release yet. It's finished, but it's going through QA. No confirmed date but expect the next quarter.

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