This week, we take a look at Generic Mapping.

What is it?
It sounds mega boring. It's actually pretty good. In Commerce Cloud you have three options for data storage: the standard objects (and custom attributes on those), custom objects and generic mapping. The first two are discussed so much more than generic mapping.

Generic mapping enables you to load big chunks of data into Commerce Cloud in a CSV format and then search and retrieve that data (a lookup in effect) from your site's code.

Why do I care?
Custom objects have a quota limit of 400,000 objects with a warning at 240,000. While this may seem high it can be easily broken with a significant data set.

The example given in the documentation is mapping of Commerce Cloud SKUs to backend SKUs. Normally you'd want them to be the same of course. But if they're not you could use generic mapping to map the two.

What do I need to know?
The file size limit for generic mapping is a 20mb CSV file per mapping. If each record is only 20 bytes then you could have 1 million records so it can give a lot more scope. Click here to see the documentation.